Carolyn Ford, Guardian of “EINSTEIN”

The Skull of Consciousness

Carolyn is a most unique inspiring individual whose passions and interests have no limitations.

Her unique childhood awakened a sense of wonder to the hidden forces of the Universe, and gave her the feeling that she was raised by the grace of Nature. This was the beginning of a communion and exploration of life’s mysteries that becomes deeper with the passing of time.

Carolyn’s artistic talents led her into the entertainment industry. For 20 years she designed one of a kind pieces for famous rock stars and entertainers.

Carolyn is a counselor and teacher and has helped thousands of people worldwide awaken to their true nature through the principles of the Human Design System. Based on your genetic blueprint it is the most revolutionary approach to knowing oneself. With a background in diverse esoteric studies her sessions are an experience that will set you free at a cellular level.
CLICK HERE for more information regarding Carolyn’s work with the Human Design system.

Carolyn’s amazing thirst for knowledge and understanding has allowed her to study with a variety of great teachers from around the world. This includes Hawaiian Kahunas, Native American Elders, Peruvian Shaman and East Indian masters to mention a few.

She is founder and creator of Firedancer Vibrational Essences, a company with worldwide distribution. With the use of these essences, she has guided many individuals in their life path. Her skill as a counselor began years ago in the field of rebirthing where she learned how to open the breath to free the soul. Her love of humanity and acute sensitivity allows her to assist others on the journey of awakening to their true nature.

She has taken her role as guardian very seriously waiting for the timing to be just right to introduce Einstein to the public. Only a few people have met the “Skull of Consciousness” including the late F. R. “Nick” Nocerino, that shared and enlightened Carolyn with his vast knowledge and experience of these precious ancient skulls.

Carolyn is grateful to Nick for honoring and respecting her wish for privacy. After 20 years she has been guided to introduce Einstein “The Skull of Consciousness” at this most sacred time 10/10/10 in New York City.

With the hope that humanity’s consciousness is raised and we begin to awaken and unite in the spirit of love and acceptance for one another.

Since acquiring Einstein in 1990 Carolyn was traveling through Sedona, AZ where she was told she was home. She has made her home in the mystical red rocks ever since.

Carolyn, how did Einstein come to you?

I had experienced a workshop where someone had a crystal skull. We meditated with the skull and it spoke very clearly to me, where I received some inspiring messages. I was motivated to have my own skull and explore my new discovery..

I called my dear friends Jack and Collen in Seattle who had a rock, gem and mineral store.  They were always able to find me the perfect stone for any request I have ever made, although this time I feel they went above and beyond my expectations.

I shared with Jack my enthusiasm regarding crystal skulls and requested a 2 to 3 inch skull thinking this was all I wanted to budget for this next adventure in my life.

The next morning I get a call from Jack telling me he thinks he has found my skull. It’s just that there is this one problem Carolyn….I say what’s that Jack?  He very timidly says it’s a bit bigger than you requested.  Oh, I said. This will not work as I really didn’t feel I wanted to spend too much on a skull.  Jack’s response was I think you better come and see it Carolyn. I knew Jack well enough to trust what he was telling me. I began packing and the next thing I know I am landing at the Sea Tac airport in Seattle.  Little did I know destiny awaited in the form of a 33lb. Crystal Skull.

It’s all about the LOVE Baby!

From the moment I met my new skull I fell in love. This skull was a part of me, past, present and future. My guidance told me to bring rose water to our first meeting.

I completely bathed this amazing skull with rose water for the first few moments of our re-acquaintance.  Yes, I felt my baby had indeed come home.

The Rose and the theme of love have been consistent throughout our time and experience together.

When I began getting the flower essence formulas in my dreamtime, amazingly a rose was included in each formula I was given. I was told that the rose represented Love and everything I would ever do with this skull would be infused with that vibration.  The beauty of this  guidance was that I had already planted a vast rose garden, with a variety of roses to chose from.

The Skull finds a new home

As Jack tells the story, a business man came to his shop that morning looking to sell some artifacts he received from the estate of an explorer.

These pieces had been brought back in the 30’s and 40’from various  expeditions in different parts of the world. He didn’t have much connection or understanding of the Crystal Skull and wanted to sell it.  Jack knew immediately it was the skull I was looking for….even though I didn’t know it yet.

The Skull’s name is revealed

While sharing my new crystal skull with my Mother and Stepfather “Ed”, who by the way were very tuned in, the first word out of Ed’s mouth was “EINSTEIN!”

I immediately jumped and said that’s it!  End of story.

I realize in each of Einstein’s experiences his name may have been quite different….for this walk it is Einstein.  By the way in German this means (One Stone).

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6 Responses to Home

  1. boblaur says:

    Hi Carolyn, It is so good to hear from you & Einstein. I think I connected with Einstein (and you Carolyn) the most of the skulls. He talked so much and I wished I could have recorded what he said-altho I know it is vibrationally recorded. When I looked at the 2 photos you posted I felt immediately this: a group of people talking-Egyptian statues of the Gods or deities-the precision-and I saw little Einstein skulls between each fire. He has been on my mind since. My husband & daughter have just arrived several weeks ago to start a new life here in Hawaii and I hope he will share his wonderful information to guide us on our paths.

  2. nanodoug says:

    I am glad to meet Einstein and I have a crystal skull named ‘Simon’
    Simon Says ” hi Einstein”

  3. nanodoug says:

    Also , I immediatly resonated with Einstein and he is now on my
    wallpaper for my desktop..simon is ok ..with that ; – )

  4. nanodoug says:

    my baby Einstein is on the way and the name that came to me
    was’ alee oop..s ‘ And I thought about it a second..then it came to me al= Albert ee= Einstein the oops part I think represent Einsteins humor
    I am very excited and my other skull..simon is excited also


  5. nanodoug says:

    Ok, I was asked on the ‘Einstein’ facebook page to come here and share my intention. Well I am not sure what that means..exactly however, I appear to be a lucky guy. I am honest, loving and I feel I have a special mission. Hmmm I am a good judge of character and I know truth and goodness when I am near to it. I guess my intention is to share the love and humor and energy that my two skulls are providing. I am a recent skull owner..but I have always liked Quartz crystals. I did not know what to expect when I got my first Skull, however it WAS GREAT! It has changed my life in very positive and fun ways and my intention is to share that with everyone I come in contact with..and that is a lot. Simon my first skull is on goto home link , he already has his own link and is helping me with my MUSIC..which is one of my fondest activities.. So we are on facebook ..yes me and simon and soon alee oops ; – ) and we will be putting a smile on everyones faces on facebook! become our friends ..our email is
    Happy Holidays from me and my little skulls..’simon says” yes we have that in common”

  6. nanodoug says:

    Well nanodoug back again I was just leaving and I remembered , my first skull …simon has done a Christmas standard to the tune of Frosty the Snowman on YouTube..goto the oozzee channel and you will find it…Simon Says “come hear me sing Simon the Skullman”

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