The Ancient Crystal Skull

of Consciousness

With the hope that humanity’s
consciousness is raised and we
begin to awaken and unite in the
spirit of love and acceptance for
one another and the knowing
that we are all ONE!

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Life With Einstein

I had experienced a dream workshop with a Medicine Man where they offered a meditation with a contemporary crystal skull, I had never seen one before. We meditated with the skull and were asked if it had a message for us. This little skull spoke very clearly to me and said, “you are the Guardian”… read more…

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My time with Einstein had also led me to host and steward many other skulls and unique personal artifacts. I am continuously sending these sacred objects out into the world, connecting and growing the crystalline grid that connects us all. I love to share these treasures with you in my online store…

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Einstein at the Beach

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I miss touring and connecting with everyone. What a world changing year it has been. Looking forward to a more tuned in world once we can wove through all of this

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The Skull of Consciousness

Why Einstein ?

While sharing my new crystal skull with my Mother and Stepfather “Ed”, who by the way were very tuned in, the first word out of Ed’s mouth was “EINSTEIN!” I immediately jumped and said that’s it! A clarity and knowing came over me and it was “Einstein” from day one. My dear friend Fredric Lehrman called me one day and said Carolyn, do you know what Einstein means in German? Of course I did not. He said “Ein” means one and “Stein” means stone. (One Stone) and so it is.

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An Artifact Unveiled. A Life Changed Forever.

After 21 years of silence, seclusion, and my own private explorations with Einstein, I have been guided to make our introduction to the world. Protecting, caring and nurturing his spirit has always been my utmost goal as guardian of this rare treasure. The decision was not completely mine. Einstein’s guidance came in strong, saying “the time is now!”. My response was also a resounding yes…….and the rest is history in the making.

Experiencing Einstein is where so much can be revealed for each person, awakening the things that may be sleeping within, Igniting Consciousness. Einstein’s message is different for each person, although there are some basic messages that suit the many.

Frequently Asked Questions
How and where did you find Einstein?
I had experienced a dream workshop with a Medicine Man where they offered a meditation with a contemporary crystal skull, I had never seen one before. We meditated with the skull and were asked if it had a message for us…

Einstein was discovered by an Explorer in the early 1900’s. The Earth was his Guardian before he was discovered at that time. We have received information he may have had a Guardian in the late 1400’s in the area of Mexico. It was also during that time many of the sacred artifacts were buried or hidden because of their foreknowledge that the Spanish were coming.


We would love to give you a number, at this time it is undetermined. So many Crystal Skulls that are fakes have flooded the market. These people are calling the Verified Ancient one’s fakes and saying theirs are the true ancient skulls. The last count was about 7 verified. I know there are more, but time will help sort these out we trust.


We cannot prove age as the Crystal Skull cannot be measured in time. Einstein tells us he was here recording history since the beginning of time for humanity on this planet. He is the original ancient computer supporting the understanding and evolution of humanities beginnings. This timeline puts Einstein her about 70,000 years ago and aligns with the stories of the ancient Maya.


We have created an underground meditation place made from red rock stone, that was created in the tradition of the Mescalero Apaches called a Kiva by Kevin Petrilli for us. It is a place within the womb of the Mother where we sit our new skulls with Einstein and meditate and perform ceremony. Each one is welcomed and brought into the Tribe. Ceremonies are done during Full Moons, New Moons and during the Equinox and Solstice cycles of the Earth. Each skull gets a chance to receive the ancient knowledge stored within Einstein and then made available to the world to share this information.

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From the moment I met my new skull I fell in love. This skull was a part of me, past, present and future. My guidance told me to bring rose water to our first meeting.

I completely bathed this amazing skull with rose water for the first few moments of our re-acquaintance. Yes, I felt my baby “my crystal skull” had indeed come home.

The Rose and the theme of love have been consistent throughout our time and experience together.

Shortly after receiving I began getting flower essence formulas in my dream time, amazingly a rose was included in each formula I was given… read more…


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