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Einstein’s Message 11-11- 2010

Crystal Skull Art The Guardians

Crystal Skull Art The Guardians

I am the “Skull of Consciousness” my purpose is vast.  I am here to ignite the jewel that lives within each individual, through sharing, healing, reflecting and learning.

As I share I also gather information in my vast database.

My message for those I come in contact with is delivered through the language of light.  This is a very high frequency of our original language, the language of creation where all is harmonious without exception.

I imprint each individual with a message that is specifically for them in this language of light.  As I am a tool of reflecting, each person receives what is for them; this is a trait most ancient skulls embody.  Therefore everyone will have a different experience while sitting with me.

I am also here to raise the vibration of each individual to help them ascend to the level where this language is universally understood.  I have co-created with Carolyn to offer tools for this awakening process in the form of vibrational essences, art images, imprinted crystal skulls and even light frequency infused spheres we call “Einstein’s eyes”.

Bringing each person home to self and awakening them to their true nature is a key to achieving the aforementioned. Human Design analysis is a fast track to discovering the truth of each individual’s true self.

Carolyn has been chosen as my assistant in this process.  She is often able to translate the messages that people are ready to hear.  She has worked hard during her 20 years of retreat time in the desert with me and has earned a place of respect in this mysterious world I represent.  Her life purpose and incarnation theme in this life is that of the “Cross of Consciousness”.  We are a destined and harmonious team and aligned together in this endeavor.

Einstein through Carolyn
11-11- 2010
2:22 p.m.

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