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CHRYSOCOLLA Skull, Einstein Imprinted, "MOANA"

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Chrysocolla Skull "MOANA"

"MOANA" is here to transform and flow with the waves in your life.

This name means, “ocean,” “sea,” or “wide expanse of water

Bring a Chrysocolla Skull into your life. It can be used

in meditation, stillness or incorporated into a grid. A Chrysocolla Skull

inspires new beginnings and a cleansing of that which no longer serves you. Include

Chrysocolla in your healing Crystal Skull collection and discover how to

communicate your heart's true desires making this stone a miraculous

manifestation tool that helps turn your dreams into reality.

The rich colors in this rare carving of Chrysocolla are unique for a skull. This one is carved by our "Holy Man" carver. There is a gentle grace within her gentle waves.

"MOANA" has a striking shade of tourquoise blue. Conjuring up images of dancing with the great oceans, this gem instantly brings us back to the waters and our sense of peace and respect for this powerful force amd the magic of the life.

"MOANA" has the ability to create a flow of positive energy that helps you adapt to changes during a spiritual transformation.

She, is open to attracting her new co-creator...maybe it's you?

"MOANA", has been one of Einstein's Companion's sitting on his altar supporting the filtering of consciousness. She has also experienced a special imprinting ceremony just for our new skulls and has also been a part of the full moon imprinting we do each month in Einstein's sacred lodge,

Create a clear intention and get ready to attract and receive.

Weight 4 lb. 11 oz. L. 5" W. 4" H. 4"

"Love is the all access pass throughout the Uni-Verse"

Layaway plans are available; contact us for more information;

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