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CHRYSOCOLLA Skull, Einstein Imprinted, "TESSA"

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Chrysocolla Skull, "TESSA"

"TESSA" meaning, 'to gather'. Your destiny benefit from this need to gather here.

A rare quality of Chrysocolla, we almost thought it was jadein quality.

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched - they must be felt with the heart. The most beautiful things are not associated with money; they are memories and moments. Helen Keller

If you’re in need of a major life transformation, invite a Chrysocolla Skull into your life. It can be used in meditation, stillness or incorporated into a grid. A Chrysocolla Skull inspires new beginnings and a cleansing of that which no longer serves you. Include Chrysocolla in your healing Crystal Skull collection and discover how to communicate your heart's true desires making this stone a miraculous manifestation tool that helps turn your dreams into reality.

The muted colors in this rare carving of Chrysocolla are unique for a skull. This one is carved by our "Holy Man" carver. There is a gentle grace here.

"TESSA" has the ability to create a flow of positive energy that helps you adapt to changes during a spiritual transformation.

"TESSA", is open to attracting it's new co-creator...maybe it's you?

She has been one of Einstein's Companion's sitting on his altar supporting the filtering of consciousness. She has also experienced a special imprinting ceremony just for our new skulls and will also be a part of the full moon imprinting we do each month in Einstein's sacred lodge,

Create a clear intention and get ready to attract and receive.

Weight 1 lb.11 oz. 769g L. 4 1/42" W. 2 1/2" H 3 1/4"

"Love is the all access pass throughout the Uni-Verse"

Layaway plans are available; contact us for more information

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