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Dragon, Brazilian Quartz, Einstein Imprinted ~"LAZER"

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Brazilian Clear Quartz Dragon- "LAZER"

When I sat with this Brazilian quartz Dragon, I was given the name "LAZER", He is the most mystical and brightest light, here to uplift humanity with Love. He has a harmonious frequency of purity and clarity. He is one that helps you make a strong connection with the loving energy of the heart. This is also the stone of enlightenment and opens pathways within the Multiverse for awakening, transformation and manifestation.

"LAZER" is a unique clear Brazilian quartz Dragon, and is very rare and highly sought after.

"LAZER" has been sitting with Einstein in his sacred lodge receiving imprinting for our new skulls and Dragons - He is imprinted and activated and available. Do you feel the call?

"LAZER" is a stone of love, and enlightenment - take a ride into the Multiverse where you can release old karmic issues and evolve.

Weight 1 lb. 6 oz. or 632g L 5" W 2 1/2" H 2 1/2"

Love is the all-access pass through-out the Uni-Verse.

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