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Einstein's Eyes, Imprinted with Ancient Wisdom (Vision Spheres from the Soul of Einstein) A+ Quality

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A+Quality weight 80g, 33mm

"Einstein's Eyes" are created from 96% clear quartz crystal, they are extremely clear and we are happy to be offering them. Each set comes with it's own Silk Velvet Pillow.


Prior to placing the spheres in the eye socket for imprinting, we first place magnets in the eye socket along with spring water and our focused intention to enhance and set the imprinting within the spheres. The magnetic imprinting is done on the full moon; the spheres evolve from basic quartz crystal spheres to Einstein’s Eyes the "Vision Stones" from the soul of Einstein. Einstein’s Eyes are a very powerful tool that can be used for meditation and obtaining clarity at the deepest levels.

Einstein's Eyes have been an integral part of my journey with Einstein over the years. The eyes can easily be carried with you in your daily activities and will provide peace and harmony by just holding them and closing your eyes and meditating on your intention. It has been said by many that the eyes are the window to the soul; Einstein’s Eyes are the portal or portals that may guide and light the way on your path to higher consciousness, awakening to you to your true nature and pathway to healing. I invite you to experience the power, peace, clarity and harmony that Einstein’s Eyes will provide for you. They are also successfully used much like a crystal ball for scrying and viewing deep into their matrix.

How to work with Einstein’s Eyes (Vision Stones)

To begin experiencing “Einstein’s Eyes”, it’s suggested that you program them and do a dedication. Write this intention on a piece of paper then meditate and focus this intention while holding the spheres. This now sets the intention for your Vision Stones. Through meditation, you set up the guidelines for communication between yourself and Einstein’s Eyes. Quartz crystal is a very powerful crystal that is capable of being programmed, storing information, bridging the gap between spiritual dimensions and this material world. Quartz crystal is a powerful healer and can also be used in uncovering health issues.

How to Clean Einstein’s Eyes

We suggest the use of our Einstein inspired Rose Spray formula for cleansing and clearing your crystal spheres (Einstein's Eyes). Simply have the intention for cleansing and clearing unwanted energies is the key just give a few sprays over your crystal spheres. We do not recommend a salt bath as this can interfere with the original programming and inadvertently erase it.

Each set of eyes has (2) 33mm Quartz Crystal Spheres that are hand made. Each sphere has very tiny occlusions.

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