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Emerald of the Volcano presents "Green Obsidian"

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The Ring of Fire Volcano Presents

"The Green Obsidian" a rare group found in Colombia

Heart Protection / Emotional Balance

This green obsidian is a limited edition of the Emerald of the Volcano stone. We were able to get a few pieces of the Obsidian we call Emerald of the Volcano. It has its own unique shade of emerald green.

You can see where the matrix of the ancient Feldspar (white matrix on the top side of this stone) grew over thousands of years proving its authenticity.

When you sit with this magical alchemical creation it is undeniable that a gift has been brought forth through the elements and forces of Nature.

As my friend, author KBWellsjr put it; "I experienced a reaching inward that bypassed typical human language and meaning. It was an alchemic connection – the inherent and instinctual language of existence. The fabric and matrix of existence, if you will, that was able to reach in and extract the precise vision that was prescribed by the Universe at that exact moment. And then, as the Universe will often do, that visionary mix simmered until it became Soul Soup – the porridge of inner perception."

The gift of the Volcano alchemical obsidian gives protection and love to human beings. That’s why it’s considered among the purest stone that is able to soothe the heart and heal emotional wounds.

This stone has experienced a special imprinting ceremony on the recent full moon we do each month in Einstein's sacred underground lodge and has sat with Einstein for four years. We were going to carve it into a crystal skull and decided it was best to leave this special stone pure and uncut. We have a few we will release, this is one of the first.

Weight 4 lb. 2 oz. L. 6" W. 4" H. 4 1/ 2"

"Love is the all access pass throughout the Uni-Verse"

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