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Labradorite, DRAGON - EINSTEIN Imprinted, "FRIEND"

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The Labradorite DRAGON, "FRIEND"

We are extremely pleased to be offering this magical stone sometimes called "The Awakening Stone". Named "FRIEND" we all aspire to have a powerful friend in the Dragon realms of power. "FRIEND" is that guy, the one that can travel with you and be near when called.

When you know how to fly or soar with the Light of Spirit - you have entered into the unlimited existence of beingness and the magical Dragons mystery. This stone sports labradorescence phenomenon and flash.

Labradorite is a strong gemstone of protection and spirit. It protects you from negative influences within your surroundings.

"FRIEND" will also give you protection from people that would sap your energy and can give you the clarity of mind to stay away from them.

INUIT Legend

There are many legends surrounding Labradorite as it has been known for thousands of years. One of these is an Inuit legend. The northern lights (aurora borealis) had disappeared and a brave warrior was sent to find it again. Years of searching later and the warrior still had not found it and was despairing when he saw a flicker in the distance. When he went to look the northern lights were trapped in a stone. He quickly broke the stone and the northern lights were freed, but a portion of the light remained and this is now known as Labradorite.

This skull is looking for a home to share its gifts of healing and love..

"FRIEND" has been sitting with Einstein receiving imprinting in Einstein's sacred lodge . This one is a sparkler

Create a clear intention with this one and get ready to receive illuminated waves of consciousness and wisdom in your life.

"FRIEND" is available to share its dedication and miracles with Love and imprinted wisdom.

Weight 1 lb. 3 oz or 554g Length 7" Width 3" Height 2"

"Love is the all Access Pass Throughout the Uni-Verse"

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