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SODALITE ~Skull, Einstein Imprinted, "DIVA HEART"

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Sodalite "DIVA HEART" Astral Body Alignment

The Writer~Creative~Expression~Happiness~Joy

When I sat with this one I received the name "DIVA HEART" , she is a sacred one with so much to offer through her dance with the Heart opening and Earth honoring. You don’t have to consciously connect to Mother Earth - you have never been disconnected from Her. Before you even knew what it meant to know, you have known Her. You know Her in you, as you, as your very own breath. She has some beautiful veins of pink running through her which is how she told about her passion and love connection to Mother Earth

She is a constant reminder of who you are and where you are. Sodalite is said to bring logic, inner peace, and calming energy. It is also believed to protect its wearer from negative energy and to help one to see the positive sides of others. In traditional Hindu belief systems, Sodalite is associated with Vishuddha, or the throat chakra. This chakra relates to creation and self-expression. Physically, Vishuddha is linked to the thyroid gland. . In feng shui, Sodalite possesses water energy and is thought to benefit occupational domains. Sodalite is said to assist athletes by improving endurance and motivation to achieve goals. Additionally, Sodalite sometimes referred to as a "poet's stone" because it is thought to be conducive to writers. Physically, Sodalite is considered to be beneficial for the glands and helpful for weight loss, insomnia, calcium deficiency and the sinuses.

"DIVA HEART" is open to attracting a new magical guardian...maybe it's you?

"DIVA HEART" has been one of Einstein's Companion's sitting on his altar supporting the filtering of consciousness. It has also experienced a special imprinting ceremony just for our new skulls and will also be a part of the full moon imprinting we do each month in Einstein's sacred lodge.

Create a clear intention and get ready to attract and receive.

Weight 5 oz. L 2 5/8" W 1 3/4" H 2"

"Love is the all-access pass throughout the Uni-Verse"

Layaway options are available for this Sacred Skull. Contact;

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