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Shiva Lingam Skull, Einstein the Ancient Crystal Skull Imprinted "SHEEVA EVA"

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~Kundalini Awakening~

When I sat with this one I heard the name "SHEEVA EVA", Shiva Lingam are a sacred stone of the Indian Hindu religion, that will intensify the vitality and level of pranic energy within your body. To improve your overall health these stones are powerful as they stimulate the energy system of the entire body, and will aid an overall improvement in your health and well-being.

This stone holds within it the feeling of unity and duality. On one hand you see the masculine part of the stone within its phallic shape, and the feminine as well in the egg shape, and in the beauty of the markings on the stones. stones come from only one place, the Narmada River in Western India, one of India's most holy sites.

"SHEEVA EVA" The crown chakra is related to spiritual growth and it is where we connect to the Higher Self, and this stone encourages your direct connection to the higher self.

This aids you make contact with the sacredness that these stones have carried for centuries. The quartz with-in these stones resonates this sacred energy, via the universal mind to all who use them.

They carry the energy within them to activate the kundalini energy and begin the process of awakening the kundalini.

It can help you get in touch with your true nature. This crystal will also set you free from the things that are preventing you from having a truly rich and inspired life.

A natural healer - its healing properties can act as an anti-inflammatory to the body, while also improving the circulatory and elimination systems while Improving health

It can aid in the treatment of digestive problems and help with your metabolism by removing your body’s toxins.

"SHEEVA EVA" has been one of Einstein's Companion's sitting on his altar supporting the filtering of consciousness. It has also experienced a special imprinting ceremony just for our new skulls and has also been a part of the full moon imprinting we do each month in Einstein's sacred lodge.

Create a clear intention and get ready to attract and receive.

Weight 1 lb 7 oz L 5" W 2 1/4" H 2 5/8"

"Love is the all access pass throughout the Uni-Verse"

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