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Shree Yantra In Natural Quartz Crystal ~ Einstein the Ancient Crystal Skull Imprinted

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Shree Yantra In Natural Quartz Crystal

~Natural Healer~ Rainbow

Shree Yantra or crystal yantra three dimensional shaped is the most auspicious of all Shree Yantras. Used as an instrument for wealth, the Shree Yantra brings about actual and spiritual wealth.

The procedure to use the Shree Yantra ~ Please Charge it by keeping it in Salted Water overnight and wash it with fresh water in morning and keep it in Sun light for 2 - 3 hours once in 3 Months.

This Shree Yantra has an additional element of Einstein the Ancient Crystal Skull enhancement and imprinting.

The light box is not included with this Shree Yantra. It was used for display purposes.

Create a clear intention and get ready to attract and receive spiritual wealth.

Weight 6oz. or 170 g L 2" H 2 1/2"

"Love is the all access pass throughout the Uni-Verse"

Layaway plans are available; contact us for more information

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