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Tiger Eye BUDDHA, Einstein Imprinted

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Tiger Eye Skull "The Abundance Stone "BUDDHA"

He has a great shine and vibrancy with a magical and golden streamers run up his face. "BUDDHA" is a unique Tiger Eye and has been sitting with Einstein in his sacred lodge receiving imprinting from Einstein's sacred knowledge during the Full Moon.

Gem for Meditation

It is an effective gemstone for meditation. During meditation, one has to be in total concentration. Wearing this gemstone, one can achieve proper focus that allows the mind to be in a state of equilibrium. One’s energy during meditation is not diverted or mixed with lower state of energy. Thus, one can fully maximize the result of meditation. Yes, it can soothe one’s heart but aside from this, in meditative mood, one can bring total focus of a busy mind into a state of inner relaxation.

When a tiger’s eye is hit by light at night time, these three colors flash and this perfect combination of colors capture a good aura. Gold aura is brightness.

Wealth Attraction

Tiger Eye has a strong power to draw the energy of money. All you have to do is bath "BUDDHA" out under each full moon as we have done. As one is holding it under the full moonlight, ask the moon to bless it so that prosperity will become abundant in life.

While having necessary attainments that draw money or any type of wealth, the Tiger’s Eye has the ability to support abundance.

"BUDDHA" is open to share his abundance and love.

Weight 15 oz Height 4" Width 2" Depth 2 1/4"

Love is the all access pass throughout the Uni-Verse!

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