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VIOLET FLAME OPAL Skull, Einstein Imprinted, "VIOLET THRIVE"

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Violet Flame Opal "VIOLET THRIVE"

Meet "VIOLET THRIVE", she is a unique offering and a force of new frequency with higher knowledge sent directly from the Cosmos. These messages can come as a result of deep meditation and intention to listen and receive from your our own dream time, and your waking consciousness.

The energies of the Violet Flame Opal supports one in accessing the spiritual universe that further leads to the development of psychic awareness and getting in touch with the spirit of the Cosmos. She also supports deeper psychic and clairvoyant attunement and some violet ray dancing.

Violet Opal, is also known to activate the power of your soul experiences which further leads to awakening or enlightenment.

Violet Flame Opal has healing properties that can attract more magical and mystical experiences into your life...are you ready?

Create a clear intention and get ready to attract and receive.

Weight 12 oz L. 3 1/4" W. 2" H. 2 1/4
"Love is the all-access pass throughout the Uni-Verse

Layaway options are available for this Sacred Skull. Contact;

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