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Einstein is the largest public Ancient Crystal Skull in existence. This skull is carved from Quartz Crystal and weighs 33 lbs. Einstein is known as “The Skull of Consciousness.” Einstein was introduced to the public in NYC at the 10-10-10 Event.

EINSTEIN’s Premiere Introduction Why Now?

An Artifact Unveiled

After 21 years of silence, seclusion, and my own private explorations with Einstein, I have been guided to make our introduction to the world. Protecting, caring and nurturing his spirit has always been my utmost goal as guardian of this rare treasure. The decision was not completely mine. Einstein’s guidance came in strong, saying “the time is now!”. My response was also a resounding yes…….and the rest will be history.

I recently presented at the “Legend of the 13 Crystal Skulls” event in NYC on 10-10-10. This was Einstein’s premiere introduction to the world.

Since Einstein is both a student and a teacher he is here to learn as well as to teach. His wish is…….to experience others and let others experience him.

Experiencing Einstein is where so much can be revealed for each person, awakening the things that may be sleeping within, Igniting Consciousness. Einstein’s message is different for each person, although there are some basic messages that suit the many.

As the Skull of Consciousness, raising consciousness and bringing awareness to consciousness is a priority. How best can you impact the masses? Raise their vibration through impacting consciousness. We have been shielded from the basic truths. It is our birth right to know ourselves and realize we are so much more than we have imagined. Einstein’s presence will support our memory and remembering. This will look different for each and every one of us.


Amazingly after receiving Einstein, I had a dream where the Blue Whale came to me and said, he/she was now our collaborating partner in this journey with Einstein. Blue Whales and Crystal Skulls are recognized as record keepers of Earth’s history and quite possibly beyond. Maybe it is the whale’s role to gather the data and upload that data to the skulls like storing information on a server.

They continue to send formulas for vibrational essences (oral formulas) through my dreams and waking hours. The formulas are given, I create them and Einstein is always the qualifier and the quantifier of each formula, finishing the equation to perfection.

What is Consciousness?

(Consciousness sits behind awareness)

One of the most difficult things to describe is Consciousness. It lives in a place we may truly experience, but barely have language to define. Many have tried…….the best we can do is seek to raise it and only trust that its true definition will be something we grow into through the grace of our evolving experience.

Carolyn Ford

Anything that we are aware of at a given moment forms part of our consciousness, making conscious experience at once, the most familiar and most mysterious aspect of our lives.


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