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Praise for Einstein…

Carolyn,  thanks for getting back to me so quickly.  I appreciate that.  when I sat with Einstein, I felt so much energy coming at me, it felt like a ton of pressure.  I was curious and asked him what he was.  I believe that contained within Einstein is an incredible amount of energy, and maybe I was allowed to feel just a smidgen of it?  it was quite indescribable.  I loved it, I hope I haven’t conveyed otherwise.  I do believe that it has changed me.   I was taken aback, at the session though.  I didn’t know what to expect, and it kinda threw me for awhile.  have never experienced anything quite like it.  thank you so much for bringing him out into the world.  I am grateful for your time and effort.  love & light to you,  Vicki

ps.  this was my 1st skull experience, I’m glad it was Einstein!

Hello Carolyn, I hope you are doing wonderful.   It was a pleasure meeting You, Einstein and Ron.   I am not sure what happened during our meeting from a conscious Level but I am sure quite a lot happened, the only thing is that I can’t explained it in words at this moment.   It was quite a magical experience!  It was amazing meeting you and Einstein.  Of all the skulls, I connected the most with Einstein.   It was a moment in perfection and a great deal was gifted to me!

Above all I am very grateful for you being you and being so humble and genuine during your journey.   Thank you for sharing you love and divinity with such beauty, ease, grace, & loving kindness.  You are an exceptional and a beautiful person!   May your love shines ever so bright and illuminates the many hearts that you encounter on this wonderful journey and ignites their love & joy.   My Love and Blessings to you!

Thank you for meeting me on this path again.  Thank You! Thank You!  Thank You! May all of your heart’s truest desires be fulfilled!

Love & Blessings

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