Einstein’s Essences

Announcing the anticipated release of the extraordinary set of Einstein’s Essences. These energetically infused formulas are inspired by the direct guideance and harmonic wisdom of Einstein the Crystal Skull and are created in the reverence of ceremony. Currently there are four fomulas with more coming soon. You are encouraged to try one or more formulas. Each available formula comes in a 1/2 ounce dropper bottle. We would love to hear about your experiences with Einstein’s Essences.


Really what can I say? Made on the Spring Equinox & your vibrational frequency to the level of a higher state of consciousness, please realize consciousness sits behind awareness. Becoming one with all that is one way to describe it. Igniting Consciousness is like a hand reaching out to help you across the bridge to this state of being.


This formula was made on the Fall Equinox is about planting the seeds of your future. To be taken during meditation and then focusing on how you would like to see your future evolve. Bringing passion and emotion into the vision is one of the secrets of manifesting. Picture it, feel it, embrace the glory of the future you are creating for yourself.


Opening you to the truth of yourself. Courage to see yourself, receive yourself, intimacy (in-to-me-I-see) with self. Take this formula and sit quietly looking into the mirror, There is no greater truth for each of us than that of knowing oneself.


Use this formula for opening your heart to love, the love of self is one of the last frontiers many of us explore and master. Knowing oneself is a pre-requisite to loving yourself. A heart formula to be used on your self first, then pass it on. It’s all about the love baby.

Domestic shipping charges are shown at checkout, but they calculate as follows: Your items will arrive by USPS in 2-7 bus. days. Shipping charges for 1 – 4 bottles = $5.99 plus .50 for each additional bottle per order. If international shipping is required there is an Additional $20.00 special handling fee.

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