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I would like to acknowledge the following people

Jack Frasl– for bringing Einstein home and for your love
and friendship. (1951-2010) May your journey continue

Collen Marquist– for being part of bringing Einstein
home and for your unconditional love over the years.

My Mother Beverly-Thanks for always believing in me
and being there, no matter how challenging that may have been.
I love you.

Kevin Petrilli-Thanks for your continued love, friendship.
nurturing and caretaking of us all. The Rainbow lodge you have built for
Einstein has enhanced the experience for us all.

Jaap van Etten-For being a big brother and guiding light in the
unfolding and ever evolving journey of our awakening consciousness.

F.R. “Nick” Nocerino-I listened and learned, I trust our paths will
meet again one day. Your guidance and inspiration will last a lifetime.

Michael and Amayra Hamilton-Your support of Einstein and me, helping
us take the baby steps necessary to come to this place.

Steve Akash-You are a genius, this website is amazing! I love your impeccable
creative expression and thinking outside the box.

Ron Ervin-My life partner and the guardian of the guardian, your patience, love and support are a priceless commodity.

Trudy-Your unconditional love of the four legged kind. You bring so much love into
our lives.

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  1. hammer says:

    awesome site

  2. hammer says:

    I attended the 10 10 10 conference and overall found the event to be very powerful.Without a doubt the introduction of EINSTEIN and the presentation by Carolyn Ford lived up to the the hype as promised. I had a private session at the Edgar Cayce Center with Carolyn and Einstein. Carolyn, you are truly a wise and enlightened individual, after sitting with you for just a few moments I could tell that I was in the presence of someone that the world can learn from. Thank you for what must have been a tough decision, to bring Einstein out. I am planning a session for a Human Design analysis. I would be interested to know if anyone else had a similar experience at the conference. Bless all and bless you Carolyn.

    • OneStone says:

      Hello Hammer,
      Thanks for your kind words, I had the time of my life sharing
      Einstein at the 10-10-10 event. I am grateful for the many involved that made it happen.
      I look forward to sharing your design with you in the future.
      With Blessings,

  3. hammer says:

    Hi Carolyn,
    It has been 4 days since you gave me my Human Design analysis and I am still amazed at the information you relayed to me. Thank you so very much for making it so easy to understand. This information should be downloaded to every individual at birth. Life would be so much easier if we really understood who we really are and were able to make reliable decisions based upon who we truly are. My only regret would be that I hadn’t received this information earlier in my life. My wife Alexis has listened to the recording of my session with you and is now excited to schedule an analysis with you. This has been, without a doubt, the best use of time, energy and money that I have ever invested in myself! I intend on telling everyone about your incredible knowledge. I would say that all the years you have invested in your studies and protecting Einstein has been well spent. It is like a huge spotlight has gone off in my head and I can see clearly. Life is so mysterious, you can never tell when that one person will come along that changes everything.
    William Hammer

  4. nanodoug says:

    I received my Baby Einstein ..who is named Alee oops and I am really enjoying the new addition to my home. I am truly amazed..I will leave it at that for now


  5. Niskutin says:

    Einstein’s art reminds me of dreams I have had in which I am given an ‘open house’ tour of the place and meet the locals. The texture of the art gives me a ‘different dimension’ sort of feel. LOVE the colors!

    Niskutin the Old

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  7. Adi says:


    The time of personal and planetary ascension is underway now, and the ancient crystal skulls are now involved with this process.

    We recommend that you investigate them, and ask for their assistance in your ascension process.

    The Ancient Crystal Skull Origins

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    And the Einstein Crystal Skull of Consciousness was created in an ascended interdimensional universe.

    Functions of the Ancient Crystal Skulls

    The Ancient Crystal Skulls are communicators from the perfect realms of Cosmic and Universal Life.

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    Spiritual Healing is the primary function of the Ancient Crystal skulls.


    Communication with advanced consciousnesses is another function of the Ancient Crystal Skulls.

    Planetary Evolution

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    Mount Shasta and the Andes are foremost in this development.

    The Ancient Crystal Skulls and the Ascension Process

    By tuning in to the Ancient Crystal Skulls ones ascension is greatly accelerated and ones physical and superphysical life becomes much more integrated and universal.

    Creating with the Ancient Crystal Skulls

    The Ancient Crystal Skulls are channels for the creative forces of ascended life.

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    Creating Universal Civilization with Ancient Crystal Skulls

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    The Ancient Crystal Skulls are providing their creation powers to those who are prepared to create with them.

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